Feiteng  Signage Grade Aluminum Composite Panel


The Polyester coating used to coat our Signage/Digital Printing
Panels is extra durable, smooth and provides outstanding ink
absorption properties requiredfor flat Digital UV printing. We
offer these panels in different gloss levels and colors on either
or both sides of the panels as per the customers' requirements.

The panels are coated and manufactured using a continuous
line process and exhibit strong, durable and anti corrosive
properties. The paint used for coating our Signage/Digital
Printing Panels are procured from world renowned suppliers
such as PPG ®, Nippon® which adds to the overall quality of
the product and gives our customers the confidence to use
Feiteng ® Signage/Digital Printing Panels for all their Signage
and Digital Printing requirements.

Our panels are manufactured under strict quality control and
are produced using non-toxic and environmentally friendly
production processes. We are proud to add that our
Signage/Digital Printing Panels conform to RoHS
standardsrequired by EU regulations.                                                                        


They have a wide range of applications for the Signage Industry:
• Flat Digital Printing
• Advertisement Boards
• Light boxes
• Shop Fronts
• Corporate Identities
• Petrol Stations
• Sign Boards
• Trade Fairs Exhibition Booths
• Interior Cladding & Ceilings
• Splash Backs
• Transport Industries ( Marine, Aviation, Buses)