Processing Method

Feiteng panel is very easy to process. All cutting, milling, punching, slotting, side-folding and curving can be easily fulfilled by simple tools used for processing timber and metal. It can be shapes, such as curved, reserved curves, comer and sharp curves, according to requirements of building design. It is incomparable to other decorating material.



Countersunk rivet can realize easy joint from one direction



Sample conditions of gas protected welding:

Welding temperature: 230-240

Pressure of air compressor:0.3-0.4kg/cm²

Pressing Pressure: 1.0-1.5kg

Welding speed: 1000m/min



It can be easily processed with a wood product processing saw

And plate saw. It is recommended to use a hard alloy blade.



Considering from deformation limit formule≥ 2D is the best

Calculation way of aperture D and distance(e) from hole center

To plate end.



When plate is used to finish the FEITENG

panels, dies shall be placed with appropriate

Radius, and the required parameters of FEITENG panels is showed as below:

Thickness of FEITENG Panel (mm)  Vertical Cross
3                                65         55                  
 4                                75         55                  
 6                                90         80                  



Gantry shearing machine is most effective for processing of large quantity

of FEITENG panels and burrs are possible at the cutting place. Appropriate

gap andindination are showed as below:

Thickness of FEITENG Panel (mm)  Vertical Cross

3                                      0.04      1                   
4                                      0.04   1  55                
6                                       0.2     2  80               



Excellent adhesion can be achieved even when using special adhesives or

elastomeric Polyurethane of one component

The following images show the most practical machines for FEITENG products.







Handy Grooving Machine

Hand grooving machine can groove FEITENG PANEL. An example of the suitable cutter blades and operating conditions are as follows:

Cutter balde:
Outside diameter 110-120mm
Number of teeth 4~8
Material Carbide tip
Operating conditions
Rotation 5,000-9,000 rpm
Feeding speed 5-20 m/min


Handy router

Hand router can groove straight lines and curving lines. Use a custom router bit having the groove shape shown in the above drawing. The suitable bit and operating conditions are as follows:

Router bit:
Number of teeth 2-4
Material Carbide tip
Operating conditions:
Rotation 20,000-30,000 rpm
Feeding speed 3-5 m/min


Panel saw

Efficient grooving work is possible with panel saw.
Typical conditions are as follows:

Cutter blade:  
Outside diameter 220 mm
Material Carbide tip
Operating Condition
Rotation 2
Feeding speed 30 m/min



After U-groove, we can fold FEITENG PANEL with folding jig. The typical folding procedures are as follows.


Notes on folding:

a.    Folding FEITENG PANEL on a flat and steady worktable. If we fold the fold the panel with warping,, the folded line will not be straight.

b.    The folded comer should have a suitable roundness of 2-3mm in radius. If the roundness is too small, the coating may have a crack on the folded corner. This tendency becomes apparent when we carry out the folding work at low temperature. Have a folding work at 10℃ or higher.

c.    Folding after U-grooving entails slight elongation. The elongation is 0.5-1.0mm depending on the roundness of the folding corner. Therefore, the position of grooving lines must be pre-adjusted when the fabrication drawings are prepared.