Great weather resistance

PPG and HYLAR 500 is the best PVDF material for ACP. It helps FEITENG panel reaches the great UV-resistance, features strong coating adhesion, alkali resistance, and acid resistance.


Good impact resistance

Comparing with solid aluminum panel, FEITENG panel is lightweight, cheaper costed with high intensity and good impact resistance.


Well fire-resistance

Duo to the usage of modified LDPE interlayers between without toxicity and covering of uninflammable aluminum layer at two sides. The fire-resistance is higher and reaches B1 class of German standards.


Multiple colors

With advanced equipment, strict control and DUPONT adhesive material,FEITENG panel features excellent peeling strength and smooth Finish.


Super sound insulation

FEITENG panel could absorb the sound energy and heat of the building.


Easy fabrication

FEITENG panel is easy to be fabricated like cutting, slotting, folding and curving which can be done with usual tools.


Easy to maintain

Easy for maintenance, only neutral cleanser and water are needed



Recycle used

Waste material recyclability and environmentally friendly.